Labor Union Health Fund Targets Hospital Prices, Looks to Form Purchasing Coalition

Frustrated by high hospital prices, a large union’s health fund, which oversees benefits for 200,000 SEIU workers and their families, is determined to rein in spending after an analysis of its claims data showed about 59% of its healthcare spending goes toward hospitals, according to Cora Opsahl, director of the 32BJ Health Fund.

New York City hospital costs are out of control

The heroic work of doctors, nurses and other frontline health-care industry staff throughout the pandemic has been nothing short of amazing. But while they’ve been busy saving lives, a more troubling trend has played out behind the scenes in recent years

EP372: Step One for Employers and Unions – Get Your Data, with Cora Opsahl – Part 1

In this healthcare podcast, I am speaking with Cora Opsahl, who directs the 32BJ Health Fund.
Important to know about Cora’s background is this: In previous roles, she’s worked deep in the inner workings of the healthcare industry. So, she came to 32BJ armed with a BS meter that is finely tuned, which is, unfortunately, an essential skill for anyone trying to help the patients and members relying on them to successfully navigate the healthcare industry.

Op-ed: Passage of HEAL Price Transparency Bill Marks Progress in Fight for Affordable Health Care

New York’s private hospitals have been steadily raising their prices, putting affordable, quality health care out of reach for hardworking New Yorkers. Recently, the state Legislature passed the Hospital Equity and Affordability Law to create a more informed and equitable health care system. As legislators, we are honored to have fought alongside the Coalition for Affordable Hospitals to have moved the Heal bill along.

Report: Private Hospitals Overcharge NYC Government Over $2B Annually

Report: Private Hospitals Overcharge NYC Government Over $2B Annually by Jasmine Pennic 03/18/2022 Leave a Comment Private Hospitals Overcharge NYC Government Over $2B Annually What You Should Know: – The 32BJ Health Fund, a self-insured fund that provides care for 32BJ SEIU members and their dependents, today released a report that lays bare the stark price disparities between Medicare and private hospitals, and outlines solutions to both reins in prices and holds hospital systems accountable for these practices. – The report, titled, ‘Hospital Prices: Unsustainable and Unjustifiable’ found that hospital prices are dramatically rising, the main driver in the overall increased cost of care that is leaving patients without reliable and affordable access to potentially life-saving procedures. Key Findings Amid the report’s key findings that could have national implications is that if New York City’s healthcare cost utilization and expenditure breakdown mirror the Fund’s, then it may be paying more than $2 billion per year above what Medicare pays for the same hospital services. These taxpayer funds could provide critical services and programs at the height of an affordability crisis and also stave off the need for job cuts.