About Us

The 32BJ Labor Industry Cooperation Trust Fund (LICF) was created by the Service Employees International Union, Local 32BJ, and the Realty Advisory Board on Labor Relations, Inc., for the sole and exclusive purpose of containing healthcare costs, including healthcare pricing, for the benefit of 32BJ union members and employers in New York City and surrounding areas.

SEIU 32BJ union members are cleaners, property maintenance workers, doorpersons, security officers, window cleaners, building engineers, school and food service workers, and airport workers in multiple states and Washington, DC.

The LICF partners with the 32BJ Health Fund to ensure 32BJ union members and their families have affordable, comprehensive, and innovative health coverage. The Health Fund approaches health coverage differently than traditional health plans. By aggregating employer contributions from 5,000 employers, ranging from many small businesses to global real estate firms, the Health Fund uses these contributions to provide benefits to 200,000 people more cost effectively than what most employers offer, on average.

32BJ Health Fund Approach

By aggregating benefits for union members across 5,000 mostly small employers, the Health Fund can offer benefits that are more cost-effective than what most employers offer, on average. Moreover, the Health Fund’s benefits far exceed those that many of its small employer participants could access on the open market at the rate they get through the 32BJ Health Fund.

Union members stay in their jobs longer than the average worker, and the Health Fund has low turnover among its plan participants. Union members can also change jobs within the industry without disruption in benefits.

Whereas most workers get their health benefits through their employers, members of SEIU 32BJ get their health benefits through the Health Fund. Health Fund participants know that the focus is providing value-driven benefits that support their long-term health and well-being and not to make a profit. And, although employees may be hesitant to discuss their personal health issues with their employers, participants frequently contact the Health Fund for recommendations about healthcare providers and programs.

The Health Fund works with 32BJ and contributing employers to communicate regularly with Fund participants through conventional mailings, social media, and onsite workplace meetings to make sure they understand the benefits they are entitled to. The Fund also runs its own onsite call center to assist with benefit questions.

According to polls conducted by the Global Strategy Group in 2018, 91 percent of Health Fund plan participants are satisfied with their coverage, and 88 percent trust the Fund to recommend providers and programs to them.

32BJ Health Fund Partners & Programs

The 32BJ Health Fund improves the lives of hard-working people.

The Health Fund’s purpose is—and always has been—to change the life trajectory of hundreds of thousands of workers and their families for generations to come by providing comprehensive, high-value benefits. The Health Fund collaborates with forward-thinking partners to design data-based, life-affirming healthcare programs that deliver positive outcomes. In turn, the Health Fund enjoys a unique relationship with its plan participants: 91 percent say that they are satisfied with their coverage, and 88 percent trust the Health Fund to recommend programs and providers to them.

SEIU 32BJ Members

William Haynes
Jean Tomasulo
Gilda Cheregi
Deshawn Brownel

32BJ Health Fund Plan FAQ

Participants pay $0 premiums, $0 deductibles, and $0 copays for many preferred providers, and low copays for other providers.

The Health Fund assesses provider performance and incentivizes high-value care that keeps costs low. For example, the 32BJ Health Fund saves millions of dollars through its use of Centers of Excellence and innovative benefit plan design.

Many employers struggle to maintain health benefits without shifting more costs to employees each year. In contrast, the Health Fund controls costs for both the employers who fund its plans and their employees who depend on them. Successes include:

  • Below-trend increases in employer contributions year after year
  • Flat prescription drug costs in an environment of great increases
  • Millions of dollars in savings through the Fund’s pioneering approach to benefit plan design

The 32BJ Health Fund engages its plan participants every day. In turn, 91 percent of them say they are satisfied with their coverage, and 88 percent of them trust the Fund to recommend programs and providers to them.